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Private Equity

The Private Equity team at Sovereign's Capital is focused on partnering with business leaders in the forward stewardship of their companies.

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Public Equity

Sovereign’s Capital invests in public companies led by faith-driven teams that have built unique cultures designed to promote human flourishing and financial performance.

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Real Estate

Sovereign’s Capital invests in U.S. based real estate alongside faith-driven managers that recognize the opportunity for impact within the spaces and communities that they serve.

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Venture Capital

The Venture Capital team at Sovereign's Capital invests in technology sector founders who are seeking to deliver top financial returns, while also contributing to human flourishing.

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Fund of Funds and Co-Investing

Sovereign’s Capital invests in private equity and venture funds, with a focus on funds managing $25 million to $500 million in assets.

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Business Consulting Group

The Business Consulting Group partners with faith-driven and family business owners preparing for significant ownership and leadership changes in succession planning, strategic planning, and corporate culture development.

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