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The Business Consulting Group serves faith-driven and family business owners in succession planning, strategic planning, and corporate culture development.

We leverage biblical wisdom and practical expertise to help business owners faithfully “forward steward” the companies with which they have been entrusted. Our familiarity with the unique needs of the family and the business allows us to handle the complexity involved in business transitions to create strategies that foster spiritual integration, human flourishing and love of neighbor within the companies we serve.  Our experience facilitating various internal forward stewardship strategies (i.e., family, key leaders, employees or charitable organizations) helps us design and orchestrate plans that are truly unique to each client’s needs.


Over 20 years of executive leadership and business consulting experience navigating the complex, strategic issues facing leaders today.

Clint Park

Director, Business Consulting Group

Hunter Parden


Celine Widjaja


Matt C. Hames, CTFA

Strategic Planning

Chris Allen

Corporate Culture Development

Jon Porter

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What we look for

Faith-Driven & Family Businesses

We partner with business owners and leaders that are passionate about integrating their faith into how they build impactful businesses with enduring legacies that contribute to human flourishing as God’s Kingdom is advanced.

Seeking to Unlock Strategic Potential

We believe every company holds untapped potential for positive impact. We offer wise counsel and support to leaders who are looking to identify and unlock this potential, guiding them toward their strategic goals and empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their highest aspirations.

All Industries

We seek to partner with businesses across diverse industries, recognizing that each sector holds unique potential to create positive change.

$20-200 million in revenue

We partner with businesses across the growth spectrum, offering tailored support and resources to help them achieve their goals.

Navigating the Next Chapter

We work alongside experienced leaders who are ready to transition their business ownership or leadership to the next steward. We understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in this process and offer our expertise and support to ensure a smooth and successful transition, preserving the company's legacy and fostering continued growth.

Case Studies

Eastern Industrial Supplies logo

Eastern Industrial Supplies

Uncertain Path to Transition

Eastern Industrial Supplies faced a pivotal decision regarding their business transition plan, exploring options such as next-generation family involvement, an ESOP, or a potential sale. The initial lack of clarity on how to move forward with this transition created a profound sense of uncertainty within the organization. Who would lead the business into the future as the current leaders approached retirement? Together, our shared mission was not only to identify the most suitable successor but also to forge a comprehensive roadmap that would guide the company through the uncharted waters of transition, ultimately leading them toward a future marked by enduring success.

Potter Homes logo

Potter Homes

Clear Vision, Uncertain Execution

The Potter Family had a clear goal in mind: to turn Potter Homes into a thriving multi-generational family business, but the path towards executing that vision was unclear and challenging. Our partnership brought their vision to life in a way that not only strengthened their business but also the bonds within their family. 



“Developing a successorship with Clint Park and the Business Consulting Group allowed us to prioritize our business as God’s company first. We are a multi-generational company with leadership from two different families with two points of view. Clint has provided guidance and strategy on how we can best honor God, honor our founder, my father, and honor our community by establishing a long-term cohesive vision. We have grown personally, professionally and spiritually through our partnership with Clint and are assured it has allowed us to operate our business God’s way, based on Biblical principles.”

Mike Martin | Milton Martin Toyota

“As you can imagine, being a family-owned business has multiple dynamics, especially when you add the “in laws.” We needed help defining a clear path to be the thriving multi-generational family business we had set our goal to be. The most powerful tool Clint brought to the table was prayer - Proverbs 16:9 says “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord established his steps” we strive for every step we do as a company to be a direct outflow of God, so to partner with someone who would pray with us and for us that the Lord’s steps would be established in Potter Homes was amazing! Clint’s expertise in transition, strategic and organization planning has been profitable to our company, we continue to see constructive steps in all areas. Our entire team enjoys working with Clint at Sovereign’s Capital Consulting Group and look forward to it as we continue this journey.”

Nate Johnson | Potter Homes

“Working with Sovereign's Capital has been a huge blessing to our family. When we first started working with Clint we were at a standing point that we just couldn't seem to put movement behind. As a family, we had discussed what the future might look like for the family and the business, but we did more talking than putting our thoughts into action. Clint helped us to put all of it into action. As a family, we needed someone to help guide us in the steps to determine the right direction and develop family governance to help us keep family first for generations to come. He came alongside our family and facilitated some very meaningful conversations that ultimately led us to where we are today. Clint is now a dear family friend and we are grateful for his work, vulnerability to get in the trenches with us, and genuineness. To God be the glory for allowing our paths to cross.”

Kip & Kim Miller | Eastern Industrial

The team at Sovereign’s Business Consulting met a need for our team at a critical point in time. Any small business leadership team knows the challenge of taking time away from being “in” your business to work “on” your business. The two-day session led by the Sovereign’s team forced our team to ponder critical areas of importance to our business operations, growth, generational succession, and Kingdom stewardship in an undistracted, focused environment. We are grateful for the investment of time with their team!

John P. Fulkerson | Environmental Biological Services (EBS)


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