Excellent Teams

Partnering with proven, values-driven leaders motivated by visions for how their companies will create extraordinary value for all stakeholders.

Growth Potential

Investing in companies with exceptional growth potential – well executed, highly scalable models operating in growing U.S sectors and select Southeast Asian markets.

Competitive Edge

Supporting companies with sector leadership based on operational excellence, technological barriers, speed to market, and other sustainable competitive advantages.


We invest in growth-stage companies operating in expanding markets, with $500,000 to $10,000,000 in revenue. In addition to a clear path to profitability and exit, we are most interested in investing in excellent, values-driven management teams motivated by visions that go beyond outsized financial returns.

While our primary focus is in the U.S., Sovereign’s Capital also invests in Southeast Asia, where 2 billion consumers will join the middle class over the next decade. We were the first U.S. fund with investment professionals on the ground in Indonesia investing in consumer-focused startups, which gives us significant advantages in procuring deal flow and conducting diligence in this rapidly expanding market. We provide unique access for Southeast Asian companies targeting U.S. channels to market, and can provide market insights and relationships for our portfolio companies across the U.S. and in Indonesia.1

1“Capturing the World’s Emerging Middle Class,” and “Winning the $30 trillion decathlon: Going for gold in emerging markets.” McKinsey Quarterly

We invest primarily in industries where our partners and team have relevant experience and expertise: B2C technology, tech-enabled consumer goods and services, B2B technology, healthcare IT, and medical devices.

  • Invest $250,000 – $2,000,000 in teams of excellent operators capable and motivated to win in industries of high growth potential
  • Actively partner with companies as they scale, using our industry experience to provide management guidance and assist in strategic planning
  • Leverage our regional experience, operator backgrounds, and advisor network to assist with executive team staffing, growth opportunities, and negotiations
  • Support portfolio companies by taking board and observer seats, and through regular reviews of performance metrics
  • Identify potential strategic and financial buyers before making an investment and throughout our holding period to maintain a focus on exit strategy

active portfolio companies

  • 410 MEDICAL

    410 Medical developed a simple, intuitive solution that allows a single healthcare provider to rapidly deliver fluid to critically ill patients, improving care and saving lives.

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  • Anutra Medical

    Anutra Medical is a medical company focused on dentistry with a device enabling quicker onset of numbness and simplified use of pharmaceuticals.

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    Bandwidth is a VOIP-as-a-service platform that hosts voice calls for many large tech companies. Bandwidth spun off Republic Wireless and underwent an IPO in November 2017.

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    Bridestory is fast becoming the most trusted and inspiring online wedding vendor directory in SE Asia. Their marketplace helps users find, select and compare wedding vendors in their area.

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    Canopy is solving the problem of inefficient home services delivery and consumption. Combining a high-tech, centralized approach with old-fashioned service, Canopy is the easiest way to maintain your home.

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    Cladwell enables users to create and maintain capsule wardrobes to reduce clutter and embody their personal style, helping them create and share outfits with ethically sourced, quality clothes.

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    CloudFactory is a BpaaS (business process as a service) company with a revolutionary technology platform and distributed workforce that enables a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional bpo.

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    Concert Genetics is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making genetic testing more transparent and efficient for stakeholders across the healthcare system.

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    EmployUs is a crowdsourced employment referral platform in which users refer prime candidates for job postings around the country, and companies pay out fees for successful hires.

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    First is a predictive intelligence engine for targeting movers 6-12 months before they list their home. Initially focused on real estate, First’s product empowers realtors to better understand and profitably grow their pipeline of listings.

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    Fivestars is an online customer service loyalty network for small and medium businesses in north america. it integrates with merchant pos systems to enable customers to earn and spend points at local businesses.

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    The world’s first platform for personalized Fringe benefits, saving companies time and money by providing 80+ life-impacting benefits without the hassle.

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  • GoCheck

    GoCheck helps detect amblyopia risk factors in patients too young for a visual acuity test.

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  • GRAB

    Grab is the top ride-hailing app in SE Asia. The app connects taxis, independent drivers, motorcycles, and couriers with users across the region.

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    Hacktiv8 provides immersive, rapid education for developers with always updated curriculum to build skill in the latest software and professionalism for the technology industry.

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  • Hypernet

    Hypernet is a protocol for high performance computing across a distributed network of devices.

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    iFashion is an online fashion and lifestyle retailer company. The company offers a platform which helps online fashion retailers with various business and market knowledge services including marketing, logistics, warehousing, sales fulfillment and financial services.

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    Immersed VR connects distributed teams through a shared VR workplace and collaboration tools to maximize productivity.
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    Kammok is an innovative outdoor brand for the socially conscious adventurer. Their high-quality hammocks and other products are available in REI and on their website.

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    Liquidia is a biopharmaceutical company transforming the development of new therapies by precisely engineering drug particles.

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    Loket is the leading event management, ticketing and data analytics company in Indonesia. In 2017, the company was acquired by GoJek.

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    Man Crates is a gift company focused on gifts for men with inventive gifts for birthdays, first time dads, sports fans, grill masters, and more.

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    Maxwell enables real estate loan officers through a comprehensive tech platform that boosts productivity, and makes it much easier to close deals.

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    NeuroTronik is a development-stage medical technology company pioneering a unique therapy approach for the hemodynamic management of patients who present to the hospital due to worsened symptoms of heart failure.

  • Nimbly Technologies

    Nimbly is a mobile solution that transforms manual operational processes into real-time actionable information. By digitizing manual checklists and converting data into insights, Nimbly enables organizations to manage their operations anytime, anywhere.

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    Printerous is an online platform producing the finest quality printed goods. They offer a suite of products for personal, business, and artistic printing needs.

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    Rebelworks is a software development lab that offers premium outsourced programming work for companies. As a major hub of technical talent in Jakarta, Rebelworks also incubates its own projects.

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    RevBoss is a SaaS (software as a service) product that quickly identifies a large base of qualified sales leads, and helps companies manage relationships with these prospective customers.

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    ShotTracker aims to improve the performance of competitive basketball players of all ages through our individual and team products.

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    SoapBox is a consumer products company that makes natural soaps and shampoos. For every product sold, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to a person in need.

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    Springbuk is the leading employer-facing health analytics software that helps forecast cost and improve population health with confidence.

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    Summit Healthcare is a training and simulation company focused on continuing medical education, life support simulation, and effective human resource consulting for healthcare professionals in SE Asia.

  • TADA

    TADA360 is a one-stop-shop for a practical, but impressive gifting experience. they are also focused on innovative fintech solutions.

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    Threadloom makes it easy to search and index forums, and uses A.I. to automate expert newsletters for readers.

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    Thrive is a coffee distribution company that connects the farmer directly with the final consumer through a new model of supply chain management and customer engagement.

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    Xendit is a payment platform that solves several key problems in Indonesian personal banking. Their platform has application in a peer-to-peer context, and as a backend for e-commerce businesses.

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  • Yummy Corp

    Yummy Corp provides delicious, fresh, and creative food solutions for everyday corporate and group needs. It gives a new spin on food facility management and our signature MICE catering, delivering you a noteworthy experience while helping corporates manage costs.

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Our investment team is made up of operators with industry and regional expertise.



We have 50+ advisors who contribute their functional, industry, and regional expertise in the discovery, diligence, and ongoing management of portfolio companies. The gallery below is a non-exhaustive sample of our advisors.



Are you or someone you know a perfect fit for a Sovereign’s Capital company? Feel free to explore the links below. Our portfolio companies are seeking to fill the following positions. Please reach out to them directly.

At Sovereign's Capital

There are currently no openings in the Sovereign’s Capital team.

United States

  • Clinical Business Development Specialist: 410 Medical (Durham, NC)
  • Email Marketing Manager: Man Crates (San Mateo, CA)
  • Account Executive: EmployUs (Cary, NC)
  • Full Stack Software Engineer: Threadloom (San Francisco, CA)
  • Brand Marketing Manager: Kammok (Austin, TX)
  • Senior Product Manager: Maxwell (Denver, CO)
  • Senior Account Executive: Maxwell (Denver, CO)
  • Account Executive: Fivestars (El Paso, TX)
  • Marketing Project Manager: RevBoss (Durham, NC)
  • Various positions: Springbuk (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Technical Operations Lead: ShotTracker (Kansas City, KS)
  • Chief Operating Officer: Immersed (Austin, TX)


  • Business Manager: BrideStory (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Country Manager: CloudFactory (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Head of Engineering: Grab Group (India)
  • Head of Strategy and Planning: Grab Group (Vietnam)
  • Country Marketing Head: Grab Group (Malaysia)
  • Creative Lead: Hacktiv8 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Account Manager: Printerous (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • IT Project Manager: RebelWorks (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Senior Backend Developer: TADA Network (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Senior Software Engineer: Xendit (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Other International

  • Head of Investment Strategy: Christian Super (NSW, Australia)
  • Head of Global Talent Acquisition: CloudFactory (Reading, Great Britain)



San Francisco Bay Area

Back Office and Operations:

Attn: Jim Fogleman

310 S. West Street, Suite 100

Raleigh, NC 27603

Indonesia Office:

Level 11, One Pacific Place SCBD Area

Jalan Jend. Sudirman kav. 52-53

Jakarta 12190

+62 21 2985 9606