Faith-Driven Investing

In the US and Southeast Asia since 2012


We provide capital and strategic partnership to values-driven, market-leading companies and funds with potential for outsized returns for all stakeholders.

We currently have five main practice areas. First, we invest directly in profitable, lower middle market companies with $10 million to $100 million in revenue, and $3 million to $20 million in owner’s earnings. Second, we invest directly in promising, early-stage technology companies across Seed and Series A stages. Third, we invest in publicly traded companies. Fourth we invest in domestic real estate with a primary focus on value-add strategies. Finally, we use a fund of funds strategy to invest in venture and private equity fund managers through primaries, secondaries, co-investments, and GP stakes.

We are distinct in our values-driven approach to investing, our ability to hold investments long term, our willingness to customize solutions to owner needs, and the excellence with which we execute through disciplined strategic, operational, and financial partnership.


We invest in five market segments.

Private Equity

Sovereign’s Capital provides a range of capital solutions to lower middle market companies with revenues between $10 million and $100 million, and owner earnings of $3 million to $20 million.

We make majority investments for ownership transitions and leadership successions. We also make minority investments for growth, acquisitions, and partial shareholder liquidity.

Some of our industry interests include services (industrial, commercial, consumer), education (skilled trades, specialized training), health & wellness (fitness, analytics, home care services), specialty manufacturing (unique products and industrial services), and software (specialty, B2B, mission critical).

Venture Capital

Sovereign’s Capital partners with growing venture stage companies operating in expanding markets in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.

We invest in early Seed stage companies with clear differentiators, to include data moats, complex or deep technologies, sticky customer relationships, or other sources of value. We also invest in late Seed and Series A companies with demonstrated traction and economic moats.

We have a broad range of industry expertise, with a bias for industries where our partners and advisors have relevant experience. These include B2B software, deep tech, B2C software, healthcare IT, and tech-enabled goods and services. We typically deploy $300,000 to $3 million per investment, and we work closely with portfolio companies to provide targeted strategic and operational partnership.

Public Equity

Sovereign’s Capital invests in public companies led by values-driven teams that have built unique cultures designed to promote human flourishing and financial performance.

We are U.S.-focused and invest across nearly all industries and market capitalizations. We seek to deliver investment performance by coming alongside the highest caliber management teams. We aim to deliver impact by serving the leadership of companies in which we invest by providing examples of best practices that encourage exceptional cultures and market-leading performance.


Fund of Funds and Co-investing

Sovereign’s Capital Access Fund invests in private equity and venture funds, with a focus on funds managing $25 million to $500 million in assets.

We invest in primaries, secondaries, GP stakes, and direct deals across venture and private equity, both in the U.S. and abroad. We prioritize managers focused on strategies that promote human flourishing for customers and employees alike, with primary focus in healthcare, human performance (e.g. wearables), education, small business, and technology. Our commitment is to both market leading returns and strong values.

Real Estate

Sovereign’s Capital invests in U.S. based real estate alongside values-aligned managers that recognize the opportunity for impact within the spaces and communities that they serve.

Real estate operators have the ability to cultivate environments in which all people can experience authentic community, redeeming relationships, and neighborly love in the spaces they live, work, and gather. We pursue equity interests with an eye towards current yield and have a preference for housing sector value-add strategies that are led by excellent operators.


We evaluate all investment opportunities with the following criteria in mind

Team First

We partner with people first. We work hard to understand the vision that each business leader has for creating extraordinary value for all stakeholders well into the future.

Defensible Advantages

We partner with companies that have economic moats. They have an edge based on operational excellence, technological barriers, long-term customer relationships, dominant market share, or other sustainable competitive advantages.

Growth Focus

We partner with leaders seeking expanded impact. We are growth-minded and invest in companies with highly scalable business models.

Thriving Culture

We partner with leaders who view culture as a competitive advantage. Our leaders take pride in and have evidence of cultures that delight all stakeholders – employees, families, customers, vendors, and others.

Proven Performance

We partner with businesses that have sustained results. These companies have proven track records of financial success, with the strategic and operational focus to maintain results for the long term.

portfolio companies

Venture Capital

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    Cloudfactory is a scalable human-in-the-loop workforce to accelerate your artificial intelligence initiatives and optimize business operations.

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  • GRAB

    Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. It provides everyday services like Deliveries, Mobility, Financial Services, and More.

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    Xendit is the leading payment gateway for Indonesia, the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

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    Immersed VR connects distributed teams through a shared VR workplace and collaboration tools to maximize productivity.
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    Springbuk is the leading employer-facing health analytics software that helps forecast cost and improve population health with confidence.

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    Maxwell is a digital mortgage platform and value-added services designed exclusively for small to midsize mortgage lenders.

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  • Charityvest
    Give to any charity with your Charityvest Fund. It’s simple, secure, and free: 100% of your donation goes to the charities you care about.
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    Bandwidth is a voice API platform. It went public in 2017 (NASDAQ: BAND).

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    Thrive is a coffee distribution company that connects the farmer directly with the final consumer through a new model of supply chain management and customer engagement.

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  • Atlas

    Atlas is building the operating system for restaurants, focusing on Southeast Asia — the easiest way to start, run and grow any restaurant online and offline.

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  • ArenaCX

    ArenaCX is a global marketplace connecting brands with outsourcing providers worldwide and revolutionizing the BPO industry.

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  • Acre

    Acre is a real estate technology company fundamentally changing the way people purchase and care for homes, allowing them to purchase only as much as makes sense for them.

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    Bridestory is a leading online wedding vendor platform in Southeast Asia. The company was acquired by Tokopedia in 2019.

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    Loket is the leading event management, ticketing and data analytics company in Indonesia. It was acquired by GoJek in 2017.

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    First uses artificial intelligence to drive home sales by predicting when and why people move. It was acquired by RE/MAX in 2019.

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    Fivestars provides a platform for loyalty, marketing, and payments to small businesses. It was acquired by SumUp in 2021.

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  • 410 MEDICAL

    410 Medical developed a simple, intuitive solution that allows a single healthcare provider to rapidly deliver fluid to critically ill patients, improving care and saving lives.

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  • Ardius

    Ardius helps companies easily claim federal and state R&D tax credits. It was acquired by Gusto in 2021.

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    Cladwell enables users to create and maintain capsule wardrobes to reduce clutter and embody their personal style, helping them create and share outfits with ethically sourced, quality clothes.

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    Concert Genetics is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making genetic testing more transparent and efficient for stakeholders across the healthcare system.

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    Insurance Data Made Simple. Covie is the easiest way to integrate insurance data from your users without having them leave your own web app.

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    EmployUs is a crowdsourced employment referral platform to connect prime candidates to job postings. It was acquired by Hireology in 2021.

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  • Fakespot

    Fakespot uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to detect fraudulent patterns in online reviews to bring trust and transparency back to ecommerce. It was acquired by Mozilla in 2023.

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  • Forte

    Forte is the mental wellness employee platform that provides Content and Connections so they can uniquely and meaningfully contribute at work, home, and in their community.

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  • Flightcontrol

    Flightcontrol makes it easy for developers to deploy scalable, secure applications without any DevOps. Flightcontrol provides a layer on top of AWS that makes it very easy to use and lets them take advantage of the raw power of AWS.

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    Fringe is the world’s first platform for personalized Fringe benefits, saving companies time and money by providing hundreds of life-impacting benefits without the hassle.

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  • GoCheck

    GoCheck Kids helps primary care networks implement cost-effective and bidirectionally integrated pediatric vision screening.

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  • goKampus

    goKampus is an all-in-one app for university students’ campus needs from applications, scholarships, loans, and required campus materials. For universities and corporate partners, goKampus provides instant admission, marketing, tuition payments, and internship programs.

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    Hacktiv8 provides immersive, rapid education for developers with always updated curriculum to build skill in the latest software and professionalism for the technology industry.

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    Hunt Club is a new category of search firm that leverages the power of relationships and referrals to find you the best talent. Our technology transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful talent network.

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  • Hydra

    Hydra provides cross-cloud capabilities with a single API to deploy and host your apps across all public cloud providers, private clouds, or both. Whether security, resilience, or scale focused, they can help.

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  • Kammok

    Kammok is an innovative outdoor brand for the socially conscious adventurer. Their high-quality hammocks and other products are available in REI and on their website.

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  • Kinship

    A platform for individuals to connect with others on a similar life path through live talks and small group sessions.

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  • Kno Global

    Kno Global’s vision is to humanise the supply chain, converting real-time transparent data from factory workers into actionable insights for factories and brands.

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  • Komunal

    Komunal digitizes rural banks through its DepositoBPR platform, which lets users make deposits and apply for loans digitally. In addition, Komunal also has a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects MSME borrowers with lenders.

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    Liquidia is a pharmaceutical company transforming therapy development with precision particle engineering. It went public in 2018 (NASDAQ: LQDA).

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    Man Crates creates inventive gifts for men. It was purchased by Modern Gourmet Foods in 2023.

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  • Nimbly Technologies

    Nimbly is a mobile solution that transforms manual operational processes into real-time actionable information. By digitizing manual checklists and converting data into insights, Nimbly enables organizations to manage their operations anytime, anywhere.

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  • Open Eden

    OpenEden is building the bridge to a new financial system. Their mission is to bring real-world assets to DeFi to unlock trillions of dollars in value.

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  • Passage Health

    Passage Health is on a mission to improve the quality and accessibility of autism care through dynamic software solutions.

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  • Pigeon Loans

    Pigeon Loans is a global lending platform that facilitates the creation and management of loans between friends, family, loved ones, and people who trust one another. Pigeon Loans seeks to empower individuals to borrow and lend money with the people they trust.

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  • Power to the Brand

    Power to the Brand  is a ‘marketing-and-distribution-as-a-service’ company in Southeast Asia helping consumer brands enter the growing market and succeed.

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  • Preveta

    Preveta is a B2B SaaS startup focused on patient insights and outcomes for healthcare providers and pharma.

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    Printerous is an online platform producing the finest quality printed goods. They offer a suite of products for personal, business, and artistic printing needs.

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    Rebelworks is a software development lab that offers premium outsourced programming work for companies. As a major hub of technical talent in Jakarta, Rebelworks also incubates its own projects.

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    Relay is the data-driven approach for the frontline workforce, using PTT hardware to leverage its powerful, flexible software platform.

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    RevBoss is a SaaS (software as a service) product that quickly identifies a large base of qualified sales leads, and helps companies manage relationships with these prospective customers.

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  • Safer Management

    Safer Management is a software company that accurately tracks student attendance data with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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    ShotTracker aims to improve the performance of competitive basketball players of all ages through our individual and team products.

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    SoapBox is a consumer products company that makes natural soaps and shampoos. For every product sold, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to a person in need.

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  • Sports Visio

    Sports Visio is a sports tech company focused on utilizing AI on video feeds of sporting events to extract valuable content for participants, observers, and coaches.

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  • Sprout

    Sprout is a stakeholder management software and solution that helps companies digitally manage Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP), fundraising and stakeholders.

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    Summit Healthcare is a training and simulation company for healthcare education in Southeast Asia. It was acquired by a local operator in 2022.

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  • TADA

    TADA provides an end-to-end customer retention platform for businesses to accelerate growth, improve sustainability, and maximize customer lifetime value.

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    Threadloom restores authenticity to internet shopping with improved data and reviews. It was acquired by VerticalScope in 2021.

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  • Titipku

    Titipku is a grocery delivery platform for Southeast Asia’s local markets with a groceries marketplace, delivery, and pickup services.

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  • Yummy Corp

    Yummy Corp is an innovative corporate food and cloud kitchen management company, in partnership with the most exciting food brands in Southeast Asia.

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Private Equity


    Basesix is a technology integrator offering networking products to make buildings, campuses, and environments safer, smarter, and simpler.

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    STLC is the premier training school for apprentice lineworker training; consistently producing an elite group of highly trained and certified graduates.

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    RestorePro is a commercial and residential fire, water, and mold restoration services business operating primarily in the central and eastern regions of North Carolina.

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  • Camp Gladiator

    Camp Gladiator is one of the fastest growing outdoor and virtual group fitness programs in the US, with programs across 14 regions in 300+ cities.

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  • Valor Environmental

    Valor Environmental provides Best Management Practice (“BMP”) field services, including installation of erosion control products, street sweeping, site maintenance, and other ancillary services.

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  • AM Technical Solutions

    AM Technical Solutions, Inc is a provider of architectural, engineering, and design solutions, as well as on-site technical, project management and logistical services to the semiconductor and life sciences industries globally.

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  • Ascend Wireless Networks

    Ascend Wireless Networks addresses all facets of high-speed wireless broadband using its expertise in the micro cellular network, a heterogeneous network made up of small cells and indoor/outdoor DAS, as well as the towers and rooftop sites that make up the macro cellular network.

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  • Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

    Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus was founded in 2001 and is the largest seller of used fire trucks in the country, moving over 500 trucks annually. The Company serves a crucial part of our nation’s infrastructure and allows fire departments to stay fully prepared to serve and rescue people.

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  • Cornerstone Support, Inc.

    Cornerstone Support manages the complexity of navigating, applying for, and monitoring various licenses for collections industry companies.

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  • Gaskins + LeCraw

    Gaskins + LeCraw combines the expertise of Gaskins Surveying and the talent of LeCraw Engineering into a dominant civil/survey firm in the greater Atlanta market.

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    Record Connect efficiently delivers client records management services in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

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Our investment team is made up of operators with industry and regional expertise.



Our advisors contribute their functional, industry, and regional expertise in the discovery, diligence, and ongoing management of portfolio companies.



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