Our fund focuses on early growth-stage companies with $1-10 million in revenue. We look for companies with exceptional growth potential in expanding markets. In addition to a clear path to profitability and exit, we are most interested in a proven management team that is running the company according to strong ethical values.

Sovereign’s Capital primarily focuses on Healthcare, IT, and Consumer Products & Services – industries that will benefit from the rapidly expanding middle class and are under-represented in the public markets in Southeast Asia. Our fund aligns deep expertise among its principals and advisers in these focus areas.

We invest in emerging markets with consistently high GDP growth rates and rapidly expanding middle class populations, with a particular emphasis on Southeast Asia. Over the next ten years, the middle class in emerging markets is projected to grow from 2 billion people spending $6.9 trillion to over 4 billion people spending $20 trillion. In Indonesia, our primary focus, middle class consumption is expected to increase from the current $270 billion to $1.3 trillion by 2022.1

We invest $250K – $2M USD behind teams of excellent operators with the talent to execute and win in their industry. We have a strong preference to lead on deals, and seek a board seat as part of being an active minority investor. While we closely examine market dynamics, technology-based assets, and competitive dynamics, we are most focused on finding talented and driven business leaders and management teams who are focused on creating value in their market through excellent execution.

Sovereign’s Capital Managing Principals have all founded and operated companies at scale, so we understand both early-stage challenges and how to manage through growth. The fund’s Managing Principals and Advisers provide strategy and operations expertise on an ongoing basis to grow portfolio companies in local, regional and global marketplaces.

1“Capturing the World’s Emerging Middle Class,” and “Winning the $30 trillion decathlon: Going for gold in emerging markets.” McKinsey Quarterly


Sovereign’s Capital focuses on Healthcare, IT and Consumer Products & Services – industries that will benefit from the rapidly expanding middle class in Southeast Asia


Our Managing Principals are seasoned operators and entrepreneurs with successful records in domestic and emerging markets.

Managing Principals

A seasoned business operator with experience in multiple industries including Bandwidth.com, which he and his business partner grew from $0 to $140 million in revenue.

A multilingual international business operator with 18 years of business experience in Latin America and Central Asia; expertise in banking and consumer products.

An executive with 12 years of commercial leadership experience in Fortune 500 and venture backed companies; extensive experience in global product management, medical technology and consumer products.

A communicator of ideas and a multi-national entrepreneur who has launched and sold businesses in the US and Indonesia.

A seasoned private equity investment professional with more than 20 years of experience running successful funds in groundbreaking industries; currently overseeing more than $2 billion in assets under management.



Sovereign’s Capital invests in early growth-stage companies in emerging markets


We have 50+ advisors who contribute their functional, industry, and regional expertise in the discovery, diligence and ongoing management of portfolio companies.

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Madison Pacific Group

Assistant to the President at the Cabinet Secretary, Indonesia

Chief Equity Strategist, Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen Asset Management

Managing Director, Bumi Raya Group of Companies

CBE Businessman, Chairman of the Lausanne Movement

CIO, Triangle Capital Corporation

CEO, Siloam Hospitals

Chairman, Service Brands International

Co-Founder & CEO, Bandwidth.com

Former SVP/COO Global Procurement at Walmart, Lecturer, Wharton Business School

General Partner, Sofinnova Ventures

General Partner, Council Capital Management

Principal of Private Equity Investments, Mario Family Partners

Managing Director, Cygnet Pericon PT

President, Raise the Children

President, National Christian Foundation

Co-Founder, Abundare Group, Inc.

Founder, Ronald Blue & Co.

International Corporate Attorney and General Counsel, Amiri Capital

Head of Asia, Foundation for Social Entrepeneurship

CEO & Director, EGL Resources Inc.

Commercial Director (China), Shell

Senior Analyst, Quvat Management

Partner Invention Investment Fund – Asia Pacific, Intellectual Ventures

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Sinapis Group

Investment Manager, Private Investments DUMAC

Founder & Managing Partner, MuckerLab

President, DeBoer Family Foundation

VP, Square Roots & Venture Banking, Square 1 Bank

Investment Banker, Managing Director at Internet Services

CEO, Jacobs Capital

CEO, Bhavana World Project, Inc.

Managing Director, Triangle Capital Corporation

Entrepreneur in Residence, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Founder/Executive Director, the Chalmers Center; author

Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group

MBA Student, Tuck School of Business

CEO, Spotlight Solar

Leadership, New Canaan Society

Founder & CEO, Rocket Hangar

Director, Public Investments, UNC Management Company

Co-Founder and CEO, Rising Tide Capital

VP of Research and Development, Bandwidth.com

Partner, GGMI

Pres., Center for Entrepreneurship, Regent University

Portfolio Manager, New Markets Financial Fund L.P

President, Praxis Labs

Director, Mission To the World (MTW)

Senior Consultant, FSG

Director of International Giving, David Weekly Family Foundation

Senior Analyst, Cherokee Investment Partners

Lead Pastor, Summit Church

Founder and President, Concentric Development

President, HOPE International

VP Development, The C12 Group

Professor, Biola University

CFO, Cherokee Investment Services, Inc.

MBA/MA, Wharton/SAIS



US Office:
111 East Hargett Street, Suite 300
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

Indonesia Office :
Level 11, One Pacific Place SCBD Area
Jalan Jend. Sudirman kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
+62 21 2985 9606


Our portfolio companies are seeking to fill the following positions. Please reach out to them directly.

1. Chief Technology Officer: Berry Kitchen (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2. Marketing Manager: Berry Kitchen (Jakarta, Indonesia)

3. Director of Product Development: Global BioDiagnoistics (Temple, Texas)

4. Chief Scientific Officer: Global BioDiagnoistics (Temple, Texas)

5. Assembly Supervisor: Man Crates (Bay Area, California)

6. Production Supervisor: Man Crates (Bay Area, California)

7. Marketing Manager: Pack Purchase (Durham, North Carolina)

8. Sales Representative: Pack Purchase (Durham, North Carolina)

9. Brand Manager: Dressabelle (Singapore, Singapore)

10. Chief Customer Officer: Dressabelle (Singapore, Singapore)

11. Fashion Designer: Dressabelle (Singapore, Singapore)

12. Web Developer: Kammok (Austin, TX)

13. Operations Manager: Kammok (Austin, TX)

14. Director of Sales and Marketing: 410 Medical (Durham, NC)

15. Director of Quality (Part-Time): 410 Medical (Durham, NC)